Amulet and Talismans

Amulet and Talismans are very powerful Magickal tools for achieving changes in your life.An amulet is an object whose most important characteristic is the power ascribed to it to protect its owner from danger or harm. Amulets are different from talismans as a talisman are used to bring luck or some other benefit, though it can offer protection as well.

*On this day, banishing spells, putting an end to bad habits, driving out unnecessary or bad people, changing, personal growth, ending the old and bringing the new.

Amulets and Talismans

Basics information on amulets and talismans.


Amulets are natural objects such as crystals, that can be blessed or consecrated for the purposes of protection, fortune, luck, love, good health, etc.

Examples of an amulet could be a piece of rose quartz that you’ve consecrated and use to attract love into your life.

You could also use a bag of dried herbs that you’ve consecrated for the purpose of protection.

The possibilities are endless and are entirely up to you.

Talismans: (from the Greek root word teleo meaning “to consecrate.”)

Talismans are man-made objects consecrated or blessed for a specific magical purpose. A basic example of a talisman would be a pentacle or a crucifix, depending on your religion. The most powerful talismans are those made my the individual that plans on using it.

They can be made out of any type of material be it paper, metal, or otherwise. Below is the day, metal, and associations that can be used when crafting a talisman from various metals.

Days of the Week & Associated Metals:

Saturday’s associated metal was lead, thus I didn’t add it to this list for obvious reasons. That being said, be careful when working with any metal as you may have an allergic reaction to it. For example, my sister is allergic to silver and breaks out in a rash if she wears any jewelery that is made from it.

Sunday: Gold – fortune, money, hope, health, and success.

Monday: Silver – dreams, merchandise, theft, fertility, and healing.

Tuesday: Iron – enemies, matrimony, prison, war, strength, and courage.

Wednesday: Aluminum – debt, fear, loss, communication, study, and travel.

Thursday: Tin – clothing, desire, honor, riches, luck, and fortune.

Friday: Copper – friendship, love, strangers, and relationships.


To enchant a talisman or amulet you would charge it with the energy that you would wish it to have. For example, if you had a ring that you wished to be empowered with protective energies you would visualize and feel it glowing with that power/energy. It’s also a good idea to cleanse the item before enchanting it.

The process of charging the item usually only takes a few minutes, and you should be able to feel if it is or isn’t charged. Most of my items that I’ve done this with tend to give off an energy.

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Amulet or Talisman
  • incense

This is a simple way to Consecrate and Charge a Amulet or Talisman.

Casting Instructions for ‘Consecrate and Charge a Amulet or Talisman Spell’

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The Amulets are charged when the moon is Waning
and Talismans are charged when the moon is Waxing
Light some incense as an offering to God.
Place the Amulet or Talisman upon the altar Pentacle.
Replace the word Amulet with Talisman if that is what you are
consecrating and charging. You can also replace the name of God
with a name you prefer, if you so choose.

Sprinkle the Amulet with salt.
“I consecrate you with the element of Earth.”

Pass the Amulet through the incense.
“I consecrate you with the element of Air.”

Pass the Amulet through candle flame.
“I consecrate you with the element of Fire.”
Sprinkle the Amulet with water.
“I consecrate you with the element of Water.”

Pick up the Amulet, and hold it up high for God to behold.
“You are now consecrated in the name of the Tetragrammaton”

Place Amulet back on altar Pentacle.
Place hands over the Amulet.
Visualize a Brilliant light from above pouring into the Amulet.

“I charge this Amulet to serve as (name that which you desire its purpose to serve)
for I [your name or magickal name] a servant of God Almighty.”

“I charge this Amulet by God Almighty:
I charge this Amulet by the virtues of the Sun, Moon, and Stars
I charge this Amulet by the Elemental powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
I declare this Amulet now all empowered with the Energies of the Universe in which I have invoked.
By the name of the Tetragrammaton,
You are now charged!
So be it!”

Amulets and Talismans are very powerful magickal tools for achieving change in your life. Talismans work by generating a positive force thereby drawing the desired result to you through the Law of Attraction. Amulets, however, provide protection by deflecting negative energies thus creating a protective barrier around your space. Unlike most other forms of magick, a correctly charged Amulet or Talisman will work even if its wearer initially has no belief in its powers.

When empowered correctly, both work like self-charging solar batteries and function in a way that links them with the right planetary or energetic forces in line with their intention. magical energy is then continually channeled through to the intention as more energy is received from the Universe. The ancient symbols used in constructing some Amulets and Talismans predate the Christian era and yet they are as potent and effective today as they were at the time of their original construction. Many Talismans, like the ones from King Solomon, have historic roots stemming from the Kabbalah over 3,000 years ago. King Solomon’s teachings form one of the cornerstones of Western Magick. Talismans based on King Solomon’s designs are very powerful, and their effects will often be felt very quickly.


To get the greatest benefit from your Amulet or Talisman it is advisable to form a link between yourself and the planetary forces that will operate through it by charging it. Experienced occultists may prefer to use one of the many Kabbalistic, Golden Dawn or Wiccan rituals are designed specifically for this purpose. However the Ritual of Empowerment we give here is simple, safe and extremely effective and requires no magickal experience. If you bought your Talisman or Amulet to help you change an aspect of your life, and not simply because it’s an attractive fashion accessory, we strongly recommend you perform this ritual – you may well be surprised by the results!

SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED (One General Method – Do Not Use For Things Like King Solomon Seals )

  • Glass of Water
  • White Candle (or a candle of a color that corresponds with your desire or intent)
  • Few Pinches of Salt
  • White Cloth
  • Small Side Table or Coffee Table
  • Stick of Incense (Sandalwood or a scent that corresponds with the desire or intent of the working)
  • Quiet Room


Make sure you are not disturbed in your room or sacred space. Take the telephone off the hook, shut the drapes, lock the door, put out a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

  1. Lay your white cloth over the cleared, clean table and place your candle in the center of the table and light it. (Remember to never leave a lit candle unattended and be sure that it is not close to anything that could catch on fire.)
  2. Light your stick of incense, put it in a safe holder and place it on your table.
  3. Place your glass of water, salt and the new Amulet or Talisman on the table in front of the other items.
  4. Turn off the lights, close your eyes and spend 5 minutes thinking about exactly what your would like your Talisman to achieve.
  5. Magick works far better on specific objectives than generalities. So if your Talisman is for ambition/success then visualize the job you would like to get – and SEE yourself in that position, having achieved your new job, sitting in your new office.
  6. Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it slowly into the water, visualizing the water being filled with a golden light and say:
  7. Sprinkle a drop of water on your Talisman and say: “WITH THIS SACRED WATER I CONSECRATE THIS TALISMAN SO THAT IT MAY…(state your intention).”
  8. Pass the Talisman through the smoke of the incense and say: “WITH THIS BURNING INCENSE I PURIFY THIS TALISMAN SO THAT IT MAY…(state your intention).”
  9. Pass the Talisman through the flame of the candle saying: “WITH THIS SACRED FLAME I CLEANSE THIS TALISMAN SO THAT IT MAY…(state your intention).”
  10. Sit down and close your eyes and hold your Talisman in your right hand. Imagine above you a sphere of brilliant white light about a foot in diameter radiating in all directions. Concentrate your energy on this sphere and see a shaft of white light penetrating into the top of your head. Imagine this gradually moving down to your neck where it forms a second sphere of silver blue light around your throat. The light slowly flows down your body until it reaches your solar plexus where it forms a huge golden sphere. You feel warm and powerful, invigorated by this cosmic light. Now with all the energy in your being, see this golden light move through your body and into the Talisman. At the same time picture again, very clearly, the vision you built up of your Talisman successfully working.
  11. YOU HAVE NOW CHARGED YOUR TALISMAN. Allow yourself a few minutes to unwind while you once again contemplate your intention for your Talisman.  You can now completely forget about your Talisman, as it will be working with the cosmic forces and your own unconscious mind, but be ready for some interesting changes in your life in the near future!